Was this Week Supposed to be Hard by Design or Because of Design?

The Week-Two Woes…

“What happened this week?” I keep asking myself.  “ds106 happened,” I respond.

This week, I have been consistently pulling all-nighters to complete my assignments.  I did manage to change my work schedule so that I would get off the job around six or seven o’clock each night, but the time required to complete the repository assignments on design was exponentially greater than I imagined it would be.  I thought it was bad enough that my wife, Meg, had stopped bothering to give me the “come to bed” look, but now even Dina has ceased pawing at me for attention.  I have been struggling to play with her when she asks, and even though she understands that this class requires much time, her patience is running slim.

The Fruits of my Late-Night Labors

Though this week’s subject was design, I still felt like some of the tasks for the week were not particularly design-heavy.  The Daily Create for Monday, while it was entertaining, did not build on the knowledge gained by completing the Canva tutorialsWednesday’s, though it involved matching fonts to modify an advertisement, was more about the humor behind the modified ad than the skill of making an ad.

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Even the required repository assignments felt more visual to me.  Transplanting Henry Ford into my alternate history was fun and required me to use my new-found Photoshop skills, but I was creating an image that primarily told its own story instead of speaking to a broader range of ideas.  Morphing Stephen King’s Christine into a steam-powered beast for the book-cover assignment was more of an artistic exercise for me as well.  That, I realize, was mostly by my own choice though; I decided to edit a book cover as opposed to creating an entirely new one. Had I opted for the new-route I would have had more of an opportunity to develop my design skills on that assignment, but my idea for Christine was perfect for my Question of the Week topic, so I had to pursue it.

Back on Track

Two tasks this week hit the design-spot.  Tuesday’s Daily Create allowed me to vent some of my cynicism about life on the internet by using the design techniques I learned on Canva.  Using background colors and transparency to tie my image together was gratifying, and resulted in a product that I both was proud of and could laugh at.  The four-and-a-half star billboard assignment I chose to fill-out the week was intense.  I had been plotting to make something dealing with activism and environmental issues in my alternate world, and when I found that assignment I knew it was the one. Since I covered my billboard extensively in my posts already though, I will put the spotlight on my personal favorite work from this week.

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Where I got to Blossom

Saturday’s Daily Create allowed me to combine the elements of design with one of my more sentimental hobbies, poetry.  I often write poetry for Meg when the inspiration comes to me, and last night it did. When I read the prompt, I instantly knew that the seeds I would be planting were love.  Since my journey to a committed marriage had its U-turns along the way, multiple seeds were necessary.  But, when I saw our love beginning to bud, I had to make sure I cared for it.

I used a free image from Canva in combination with pink to create my background; I just had to adjust the pink until I found a happy medium of contrast and smoothness between the reds and greens of the flower image.  Schoolbell served as an adequately playful font for the poem, but I needed a good color.  As mentioned in the inspirational readings, the human eye is always the final judge for what looks pleasing and what does not, so I just tweaked the color until I found one that suited my image.  Coincidentally, the combination of pinks and yellow in the final product resembles the colors of my mother’s azaleas after the bees have completed their busy-work in the summer.

Peer-Review by Pultz

In addition to working on my own assignments this week, I was required to read and comment on three posts by my fellow ds106 students.  I found it interesting looking at my classmates’ works; seeing and commenting on their book-covers, historical-figure transplants, and chosen creations gave me additional perspectives on the various assignments from the week.  Screen-shots of my comments are available on my Instagram.

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Tomorrow is a New Day

Next week I have a goal: I need to reduce my cheap sugar intake by at least fifty percent.  While soda, cookies, and coffee have been of great assistance to my productivity, I realize that relying on them for energy is extremely unhealthy.  Meg is currently experimenting with the Whole30® diet because of her own drowsiness concerns, and I’m considering joining the bandwagon.  What would be the worst thing that could happen?  Maybe I will finally get my beach-bod back.


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