What Goes Through Their Heads

For my last assignment this week, I did the What Do Pets Think About assignment. Since I have a habit of narrating Dina’s thoughts already, this assignment was straight-forward. I also needed to relate my video back to my answer for the question of the week; The Wheels On The Bus had to be included in some negative fashion.  This assignment at three-and-a-half stars took care of the minimum three stars relating to the question.

Time to Run

What a shame, the day had started out so nice. Meg had given Dina her monthly claw-trimming, fed her a large breakfast, and played fetch, too. Dina, contented with the company of her owner, had just jumped onto to the couch to sit with Meg. However, she wasn’t going to stay there for long.

Meg said “vet.” Dina remembered what happened the last time Meg said “vet.” Meg had stuffed Dina into a big plastic box, carried her outside, and heaved her into some odd mechanical contraption with wheels. Then the thing started moving, slowly at first, but accelerating to great speeds, making Dina feel nauseous. The rest of that day was a blur for Dina; she had managed to block most of it from her memory.


How It All Came to Be

I made a tutorial video on how to create this analysis video on Mac using iMovie. The tutorial can be viewed on YouTube or via my tutorial post.

Trauma (Tutorial)

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