The End of Steam World

And the End of DS106

It has been a wild ride, but I survived. Miraculously, so did my relationships with both Meg and Dina. From making visuals and designs to recording audio and video, I have journeyed to becoming a more competent designer in many disciplines. I have also expanded my ability to tell stories, through words and through the above medias. Along the way I have also stopped using two spaces between sentences; thanks design week.

Kind of Fun

Working with photography was enjoyable; I got to practice taking pictures using different techniques to induce different emotions in my viewers. However, my most gratifying picture (never before posted) was not taken deliberately and certainly was not intended to follow any rules.

I ended up capturing this shot by leaving my wide-angle lens attached to my iPhone while trying to take a picture with the flash on. The flash was inside the area of the inner lens, so it just bounced off and right back into the camera. I find it looks like some kind of eerie space picture.

Super Useful, and Really Fun

Design week was by far the most useful section of this class for me. Making advertisements and editing old photos hit the spot. In addition, the last assignment I completed for design was also the beginning of the Steam World story. Also, I learned about some excellent resources for aiding in design. Since that week, I have used Unsplash and Pixabay non-stop for finding great free photos. For picking out colors in my designs I utilized both Kuler, the Adobe color-scheme visualizer, and Color Palette Generator. It was not until this week that I used The Noun Project for finding icons to use in designs; I am glad that I remembered that service.

Bizarre and Pleasing

While the work done for audio week was at times completely bananas, other times it was on point. The Midi Trails assignment was a personal letdown in comparison to submissions by other bloggers but was still an accomplishment for its tedious nature. Setting up the audio on my mac to be able to make my YouTube video for it was obnoxious, but the Soundflower driver required proved useful in tutorials that I made for later assignments.  The only part of that assignment that really excited me was the story behind it, which followed the Steam World story I had begun previously. The other two assignments I completed also followed Steam World in Detroit, which I brought to an end this week for the final project.

Oh my God Editing

Working with video was tough. While recording video does not take much time, the editing afterward is a huge time-sink. Not only that, but videos also take up huge amounts of space on a hard drive. The final tutorial I recorded was eleven gigabytes; that is large. Needless to say, I will be dumping my videos (as well as most other parts of my work from this semester) into cold storage once the class finally ends.

My experience with videography came in handy for my final project as well though. I finally got to use the green room, which I had wanted to do for video week, but it worked out better that I had to wait.

The Sun has set on my Daily Creating

My final DCs began Monday with a lovely picture of Meg and Me enjoying a sunset at Belvedere Plantation in Fredericksburg, VA.

Wednesday’s kept it hot, with a creative, albeit more difficult to read, quote from Steve Jobs superimposed onto my MacBook Pro’s touch bar.

I ended strong on Thursday with a little bit of symmetry art.


Spreading the Love one Last Time

I left comments on The Story of Mickey, The Aqueous Killer, and A trip to Remember. By the end though, I was really missing links to the creators’ other blog posts.


The Final Project

Warning: some of the themes in my final project are PG-13, and there is some profanity. This was unavoidable due to the entire concept of my story and the nature of some of the characters I had to portray.

I will have all the posts with the parts of my final project embedded later, but I want you the viewer to experience my final project as one big blend of audio, photography, dramatic reading, design, and videography in the form of a partially narrated video. By doing so, you will be able to experience the story in chronological order, whereas the posts jump around in the story, since I created the different parts when most convenient.

Now, to the Story

Hold on! Before you delve into my final project, I encourage you to read the posts with the background story of Steam World that really impact the tale told in my final project. Do so in this order:

  1. Read the story from the post and look at the design: Keep Our World Wet
  2. Read the story from the post but do not listen to the audio story (trust me): Playing Something on the Piano is not Always Better
  3. Read the story from the post and listen to the audio story: Tensions Flare at Home
  4. Read the story from the post and listen to the audio story: It all Comes Crashing Down
  5. Read the Steam World Teaser (under the heading Does this Spell an end for the Happy Couple?): Caffeine Required

Now you are ready. Continue.

The End of Steam World

How it All Came to Be

I made a tutorial/work-along video on how to create this final project video on Mac using iMovie and Canva. The tutorial can be viewed on YouTube or via my tutorial post.

The End of Steam World (Tutorial)

A Story in Pieces

If you feel the need to see all the behind the scenes action, you can check out my posts from the rest of the week documenting my progress on the final project. I made four previous posts focusing on the audio, design, photography, and videography. Embedded in those posts are the accompanying tutorial posts for each component of the final project. I personally find looking at the assembled product more enjoyable.


It has been a pleasure creating this Summer, but now the time has come to say good-bye at last. Take care and have a wonderful break, my viewers and fellow creators.






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