The Dark Villain

Following by Example

For my first assignment this week, I chose the Ebert’s Analysis assignment for four stars. Finding a movie clip to analyze was the easiest part of the assignment.  I have spent many evenings at the local Sheetz and have half-watched many movies on the soundless television there while working on my assignments. One movie that played last week was The Dark Knight Risesthe final movie in the Batman series starring Christian Bale. My favorite movie in recent years is the second movie, The Dark Knight, starring Heath Ledger as the Joker. This movie focuses a lot on snippets of crafted dialogue and contrast to move the audience. I chose to analyze the clip where Commissioner Gordon and Batman interrogate the Joker about the location of the missing Harvey Dent.

To the Bat Cave!

I found the most delightful new place to work this week. During my midnight hunt for the green-screen at the Hurley Convergence Center, I stumbled across a recording booth in the basement. I believe the screen was in the next room over, but that was locked, and I was able to enter the recording booth with my student ID. Once inside, I closed the door and was surrounded by blissful silence. I suppose it would have creeped other people out, working at two AM in a dark recording booth in a dark rook in a dark basement, but I thoroughly enjoyed the lack of distractions. Also, recording my assignment was a breeze; I did not have to worry about the furnace coming on or my cat deciding she wanted to play.

Cinema Interruptus

How it All Came to Be

I made a tutorial video on how to create this analysis video on Mac. The tutorial can be viewed on Youtube or via my tutorial post.

The Dark Villain (Tutorial)

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