The Bad and the Good

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Following the audio of Hollis with his kidnappers, I chose to create the design elements for my final project. There were two images that I wanted to create: one to advertise ANTISA and one to urge people to report sightings of ANTISA to the FBI.

Also, it is really late, but thank goodness the HCC is open twenty-four-seven. I have been coming here lately instead of Sheetz since the Wi-Fi is much better. The place is practically barren in the summer, so I suppose I am keeping it company.

The Bad

In the wake of the Detroit steam-plant bombing, ANTISA banners began appearing all over the nation. The domestic terror-group had made its first major strike and had begun aggressively recruiting. With their motto, “End the pollution, save the planet,” being spread under the guise environmentalism, once normal protestors were joining the group seeking to be a part of the movement. Though the main-stream media extensively covered the catastrophe in Michigan, most Americans were getting their news from Facebook and other online sources which failed to depict the horrors that had occurred and the devastation to the Detroit community. An emergency order by the FBI directed law-enforcement nation-wide to document the location of and remove any ANTISA banners found and to arrest the person(s) hanging said banners if possible.

Join the Cause

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The Good

Spearheaded by Meg Pultz, a movement began to spread awareness about the evil of ANTISA. After speaking at a memorial to those lost at the plant bombing, she organized others in her community to begin posting anti-ANTISA posters around the state. Support flooded to Meg for her efforts, and soon steam-workers and their families around the country began doing likewise. The posters were simple, encouraging people to stick together and to report any suspected ANTISA activity to FBI via the new hotline that had been implemented.

End the Evil

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How it All Came to Be

I made a tutorial/work-along video on how to create these designs on Mac using Canva. The tutorial can be viewed on YouTube or via my tutorial post.

The Bad and the Good (Tutorial)


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