Steam World Revisited

Starting Off

For the final project, I finally get my chance to continue the Steam World saga and let you, the viewers, find out fictional Hollis’s fate. The story opens with audio of Hollis after the attack by ANTISA on the Detroit steam-plant.

Part One: Audio

Hollis only felt his eyes open. Though the lids parted, he only saw darkness. He blinked madly, fearing that he had been blinded, until he realized that the darkness was in front of his eyes, not in them. He could smell sweat and blood soaking his clothes, the dress polo he wore for employee picture day and the slacks Meg said made his butt look good. But that was not all his senses picked up. He could feel canvas wrapped about his head and see ripples in the dark where creases crossed the fabric. The sounds around him were muffled, but he thought he could make out the whine of an electric motor and the whooshing of air at a half open window. The last thing he remembered was running for the emergency exit when the lunch hall ceiling began falling. Where was he? Was he in a car? What happened?

“Damn it,” he thought, “I should have stayed home like Meg told me to.”

Listen Up

How it All Came to Be

I made a tutorial/work-along video on how to create this audio-story on Mac using Audacity. The tutorial can be viewed on YouTube or via my tutorial post.

Steam World Revisited (Tutorial)



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