Nitro-Fueled Tuesday-Night Productivity

Not Starting Very Well

As usual, I have been working late nights, so I have not had much time to do schoolwork. I managed to do the Ebert reading and one Daily Create during my lunch break, but that was all. After consuming some much-needed caffeine, I set to work Tuesday evening watching videos and composing my responses.

Take it From the Pro

Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie proved to be an interesting read. I realized a new way to analyze films and was able to relate the concepts from his article to movies I have seen before in my response.

Pizazz on the Screen

Watching the videos on film technique proved interesting as well. The compilations of camera movements and special effects were excellent reference materials and gave me much to respond to. After watching the videos, I am inspired to bring my videography to the next level. I may not have professional gear or experience, but I have the knowledge to start filming on the right track.

Getting all Emotional

Tuesday’s Daily Create was to take a picture of a tree and tell about it. There are two trees near where I work that will likely have to be cut down later this year. For many years they have provided shade, but large trees too close to buildings pose many hazards. Hopefully we will be able to find someone who takes trees for making hardwood goods so that it will be able to live on spreading happiness to others.

What is it to You?

The Daily Create for Wednesday called for some design work; I had to show or describe what beauty is. Using Canva, I put pictures of a classic car and chicken wings together with a picture from Meg and I’s two-year anniversary trip. Then, I used semi-transparent black boxes placed over the seams of the picture and teal text to write in my description of beauty.

Over and Over They Spin

What could be a more classic nursery rhyme than The Wheels on the Bus. Wheels is sung by children all over the world to entertain themselves during bus rides. Harmless and happy, this tune is a real feel-good song. Imagine if it was the opposite. Since I’ve been toying with crumbling society in an alternate history dealing with automobiles, and this class inherently has a post-apocalyptic vibe, I think this rhyme will suit me well. I may be able to tie the rhyme back to my alternate history, assignments permitting, and I will have plenty of dark themes to weave in: the bus could be overturned, careening off a cliff, falling off a bridge, submerged in water, on fire, driving into a wall, etc. The bus doesn’t even have to be a bus, just a vehicle with children or childlike conversation inside. Perhaps there will be children overlooking a vehicular calamity. I do not know yet what the stories will be, but I don’t think I want to be riding the busses in them.

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