Nearing the End

Not Quite What I Expected

Actually working with video this week did not turn out like I expected it to. I have realized that I am a far better photographer than videographer. While I did get a trial download of Final Cut Pro and watched some basic tutorials, I still used QuickTime and iMovie to do my assignments for the week. The learning curve for the advanced video editing programs seems steep, and I felt that I needed to focus on my content and getting the basics down before trying anything too fancy.

Also, by the end of the week, I felt drained of inspiration. The past few weeks have been tough: finding images, making designs, splicing audio, and now recording and editing video have taken a toll on my sleep, work, and sanity. Again, I think back to Dr. Polack’s “fair warning” and thank my wife for recommending that I not take this class during our anniversary trip like I had originally planned.

Ebert Style

Analyzing video with Roger Ebert’s method was not the most difficult task that I have completed this semester, but creating the video tutorial for the assignment was particularly difficult. Though I had used Soundflower for an assignment last week, this week I had to use the Audio MIDI Setup app to both make the assignment video and to make the tutorial. Also, the tutorial was more of an instructional video showing how to put the assignment together, since there is not much to explain about watching and commenting on a video. However, to do the tutorial, I was making a screen recording with QuickTime about how to make a screen recording with QuickTime. Because of this, I had to insert some screenshots to fill in places where certain options were not available while recording. To assemble the tutorial, I used Final Cut, but as stated above, I did not feel very confident using it, so I kept the edits to just inserting the screenshots.

The Dark Villain


The assignment that I had the most fun with was the Vintage Educational Video. This I feel is where my inspiration ran out. Putting the clips together took me a while, and getting re-acclimated to iMovie was a process in itself. I had used iMovie some years ago to make a Valentine’s Day video for Meg, but that was nowhere near as complicated as the educational video I made.

If Only It Were That Easy

Tying in the Weekly Question

I did not follow my original plan for the question of the week; without access to the green-screen (you have to make a reservation) I was unable to pursue my idea for continuing coverage of Steam World. Instead, I opted for more cat footage, selecting the What Do Pets Think About assignment. I made a short skit with Dina having a flash-back-like moment when Meg tells her that they are going to the vet. While the concept was good, if I had more time to work on the assignment, I feel like I could have made both it and the corresponding tutorial/work-along much better.



Grey Area

The assignment description for this week was a tad sparse. Usually, there is a checklist spelling out the daily creates and all the required blog posts, but this week, it only stated that twelve stars of video work and corresponding posts were required. However, the syllabus states that end-of-weeks have summaries (thus I bring you this one) and participation comments, and in the past, two Daily Creates were required as well. So, I still did my two Daily Creates as well.

Before midweek:

After midweek:

Spreading the Love

Again, this week I honed in on Creative Destruction for some good reading and watching. I left comments on three of his posts: Q&A&D, I React!, and Video Replay Instantly!

Going Forward

Maybe for the final week I will be able to return to Steam World. I was excited to continue the tale of my fictional Hollis and Meg, and I hope to find some outlet for their story. Week five approaches.

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  1. I just wanted to say good job with your post you went really in depth with some of the assignments. I do however feel that certain assignments could have been covered a bit more. Other than that good job.

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