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Need Coffee Please

It’s been almost a month since the spring semester let out, and I hadn’t touched my computer since then; that was until Sunday night. This was my first time ever setting up a blog, and I am so thankful that the instructions on canvas and the respective linked instruction pages were thorough: there really is a lot of stuff to get set up with WordPress. That learning hump (much more apt description than “curve”) in combination with getting my fresh new Twitter account locked for “robot-like activity” made for a long evening, made better only by Dr. Pepper and my cat cuddling me for a little while. Oh how I missed Starbucks that evening…

Hollis Pultz Gets the ‘Gram

So, Instagram doesn’t appear to have the ability to add photos from the computer; bummer. A quick Google search sealed the deal when I couldn’t figure out where the upload button was. According to Macworld, you either have to use third-party apps or emulators to do do uploads from a Mac. Translation: I uninstalled some apps from my iPhone 4s and downloaded Instagram. Surprisingly, the lag with the Instagram app is less that it was with Snap Chat, so at least it’s mildly usable, and I don’t have to borrow my wife’s iPod. I posted the three pictures without fluff as per the assignment.

The Fluff, the Braid, and the Zoom

A Dose Of The D.C.

It’s not every Tuesday that I wake up and say to myself, “man, I could really go for solving a picture riddle.” This Tuesday was no exception, but duty called to do the daily create.

Decoding the picture took me a while, but I was sure glad that I knew that a baby goat is called a kid. Would have helped if I had heard of that sensation, but I managed. After that it was time to create my own picture puzzle. Keeping in theme with my other posts, I decided to make a cat-themed riddle: I won’t spoil it for you.

Assembling my puzzle wasn’t too bad, but it was still painful, as I haven’t yet found a picture editor on Mac that I like using. My cat picture was of course of Dina, and I sourced the other three pictures from online. Using Paint X, I started a blank canvas and copied the various pictures onto it. After I had them lined up side by side, I went ahead and cropped the picture to get clean edges and acquire the wide rectangular shape. Also, in the Slack, I installed the Twitter app so that our tweets would show up fully expanded; seems to have worked so far. Doing that was pretty easy. I just had to click on add apps button, search Twitter, install the app, and register it; that easy.

A Mild Addiction To Fiction

I think it’s fair to say that my favorite stories belong to the fantasy genre. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed stories like Harry Potter and Sea of Trolls, but due to a large amount of second-hand exposure to my wife’s audiobooks, my love for fantasy novels has recently been rekindled. We just finished the fifth and final book of the Lockwood series by Jonathan Stroud while driving back from her cousin’s graduation in Kentucky, and this is the first time that I have seriously reconsidered rereading a book series. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching movies multiple times, but the amount of time required to read a book is substantial enough that I’m usually dissuaded from doing so. So why do I want to re read this series? I was lucky to have been wearing a seatbelt while listening to the final book; I was so far on the edge of my seat that I would have fallen off otherwise.  Its an excellent series, and I highly recommend it to everyone.


I can be found on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Domain of One’s Own.  Of course my Slack name is hpultz.


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