Lean Mean Green Screen

First Contact

For the video portion of the final project, I chose to record a terror-hostage-style ransom-video of fictional Hollis. Here he delivers ANTISA’s demands to the camera. To record this video, I have used the green screen at the HCC so that I can make my own custom background for the shot including the ANTISA banner design from the design portion. I have left my assistant unnamed; I worry that YouTube will flag my post for removal, and I don’t want that to affect her in any way.

Never Gets Better Does It?

“Get up!” shouted a figure from the door as it swung open. “It’s time to make yourself useful.” Hollis blinked wearily at the bright light flooding the cramped room he had been locked in. “I said get up!” the figure growled again. This must have been ‘Boss,’ as the other ANTISA members called her. The woman was small in stature but held an angry, malicious air about her. Her face wrinkled in fury at Hollis’s lack of movement from the corner of the room. “Bring him to the camera room!” she bellowed down the hall. “If he has to come in pieces that’s his choice!”

Hands tied, Hollis was shoved onto the floor in front of a large ANTISA banner with a camera pointing at it. Will this ever end, he thought to himself.

How it All Came to Be

I made a tutorial/work-along video on how to create this video on Mac using iMovie. The tutorial can be viewed on YouTube or via my tutorial post.

Lean Mean Green Screen (Tutorial)

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