I Heard the Message, Loud and Clear

Skeptic Turned Believer

Starting the week, I thought that adding effects to audio stories only added unnecessary distractions from the content of the stories. While the associated resources for the first reflection encouraged me to reconsider my opinion and gave me a glimpse of how easy getting started working with audio can be, I hadn’t been convinced that doctoring the audio for stories was beneficial. However, after listening to and reflecting on three excellent examples of radio theatre by The Truth Podcast, I understood the potential of using effects and sounds to enhance audio stories. I had been biased initially because of my previous experiences listening to audio books. All the stories I had listened to were read by a single orator without any added effects; I thought that was the best way to do audio storytelling, since that most closely mirrored in-person storytelling. Now, the digital age has called me, and I’m eager to see where this new approach to telling stories through audio will take me.

Still my Favorite Part

As interesting as my immersion into audio stories was, my favorite part of this week’s kick-off was doing the Daily Creates. Tuesday’s D.C. again allowed me to put my design skills to use with one of my own photos. For Wednesday, I created a playful haiku accompanied by an image from Canva. Combining poetry with design is very gratifying; combining the two art forms allows each part of the work to be less descriptive by itself, but more vivid in the combination.

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Good News

Since I do have prior experience recording music with mixing equipment, I think the transition to the infinitely simpler computer interface of Audacity will be a breeze. Finding audio clips to use in my assignments will probably be the hardest part of this week for me; my patience for sifting through sounds is low, and it will likely take a long time to find the right ones for my stories.

Also, my wife, Meg, got me a new iPhone7 for my birthday.  Twitter and Instagram now load instantaneously for me, as opposed to taking long enough for a full coffee break. I can now be more efficient and connected to my work throughout the day.

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  1. Awesome Summary! Really enjoyed everything you put on here and the detail you put into the summary! Congratulations on the new phone! Hope it helps you on your journey in Digital Storytelling!

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