Blast from the Past, Henry Ford

Inspiration Served with Dr. Pepper

I was craving Dr. Pepper earlier, in addition to a quiet place to work on my alternate history assignment, so I set out on a trip to the local Sheetz. After I arrived, I got my Dr. Pepper, had a seat in the lounge, and got to work thinking about what historical figure to place in my internal-combustion-engine-less alternate history.  Being that I was sitting in a gas-station lounge, the theme of fueling-up came to mind. Also, I had been pondering the idea that electric cars probably would have been implemented sooner had internal-combustion engines never been invented.  Since these two ideas both centered around cars, the obvious choice of person was Henry Ford, famous founder of Ford Motor Company.

Henry Ford Builds First Electric Prototype: Shocking

By Hollis Pultz, June 1, 1924

“Electric is the way of the future, and the future is coming soon.”   This was Henry Ford’s response to questioning by the crowd of reporters gathered at the Ford Motor Company press conference today in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  The conference was held to unveil Ford’s newest creation, the world’s first electric automobile.

The Model E, as it is called, rolled around the corner of the Ford building and was met with applause and frantic camera fire as Mr. Ford waved to the crowd before him.  The audience of Ford employees and reporters quickly fell silent as the Model E cruised up to the front of the crowd. All those in attendance realized, seemingly simultaneously, how quiet the automobile was.  The new creation in front of them was not another coal-fired cruiser from the esteemed auto-maker.  After Mr. Ford stepped out of the Model E, he grabbed a plug from the strange podium next to him and inserted it into a small slot on the side of the car.  Then, with great ease Mr. Ford broke the awestruck silence, saying, “I figured I’d charge the car before you folks charge me with questions.”

While the Model E is not yet production ready, Ford says that the public may be able to purchase Model E’s within the next three years.  Ford Motor Company has been in talks with electric-service companies in the state of Minnesota to negotiate the placement of Electric Vehicle Charge Centers, EVCC’s, in major cities and along major highways.  Ford says these stations would be capable of charging up to six Model E’s at the same time and would cost only twenty-five cents per half-hour of charge time.  That is a great bargain, since one half-hour charge provides the E with a seventy mile travel distance; compare that to the cost of driving a steam-propelled Model S seventy miles at eleven cents per pound of coal.

Mr. Ford wrapped up his speech by thanking “all the technicians and engineers that made the Model E possible.” After a final wave to ascending applause and shutter flashes, Ford unplugged the Model E, sat in the seat, and drove off.  While the Model E was practically silent, its statement was clear: Ford holds the future of transportation.

Fillin’ up on Electric

How it all Came to Be

I created a video tutorial, which can be found on YouTube, for creating this image. Also, embedded below is my tutorial post, where the video can be found as well.

Blast from the Past, Henry Ford (Tutorial)

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