Bit-by-bit, Learning Design from the Ground Up

Get the Graphics On

This week, my first mission was to work through tutorials, listen to experts on the topic of graphic design, and reflect on my experience.

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The two experts, Paula Sher and David Carson, espoused different models for good design.  Paula argued that serious design work could only be created by breaking the mold of the current time and plunging into new methods, while David stated that the most important part of design was intuition, free of rules and regulations. Both experts cast away the concepts pushed by the Canva tutorials– Paula intentionally by rebelling against the status quo and David casually by disregarding the necessity of the constructs.  Though the speakers were inspiring, I feel the need to take my steps in design slowly and lean on the tips from Canva while I find my own design voice.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Capturing objects, ads, etc. that clearly embodied the concepts of design laid out in the Adobe article proved difficult.  Perhaps if I’d used a Pokéball I would have had more success, but my iPhone camera worked well enough.

The shots I took for the DesignBlitz adequately embodied the design elements of hierarchy, proximity, contrast, repetition, and alignment, but I was disappointed that I was unable to find more objects that clearly displayed the concepts.  Had I been able to make a trip to the mall, I might have had more luck; the various stores would have had more fruitful advertisements, and the movie theatre would no doubt have had a poster that embodied the concept of space.  The next time I have a Blitz to do, I’m going to attempt to plan a town-trip specifically for completing the assignment.

A Create per day Keeps the Doctor Away

I’ve been enjoying the Daily Creates this week since I have been able to tie the skills I learned from Canva to the prompts.   The prompt from Monday required the use of FACEinHOLE, so I of course made a funny picture of my wife and me from the future.  Tuesday’s prompt allowed me to express my cynicism about social media.  For Wednesday, I related my response to a fast-food experience I had some weeks ago.

Rewriting History with Steam Powered Cars?

Petroleum has fueled cars, trucks, lawnmowers, generators, boats, trains, and many other machines for decades; the world runs on oil.  What if the internal combustion engine had never been invented?

I find the concept of a world without combustion engines fascinating.  Would people carry steam generators on their backs while mowing around fences with string trimmers?  Would semi-trucks have become popular for hauling freight, or would railways have expanded to handle growing commerce?  Would electric motors have been fully implemented in all motor vehicles by the mid-twentieth century?  The world I live in is heavily built on the combustion engine, and I know life would not be the same without it.  Gas stations might have had coal chutes and water towers instead of underground fuel-tanks and gas pumps.  Auto-mechanics might have made their livings re-winding electric motors instead of re-ringing worn-out gasoline engines.  There is no telling how the world would have actually been, but I will be providing some speculation through stories later this week.  Stay tuned.

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