Midnight, Meg, and Meow

Bring on the Photoshop

For the photography portion of the final project, I am going to be taking photos that I shot last night on my way home from the HCC and photos of Meg and Dina and doctoring them with Photoshop to create images that will be flashing through fictional Hollis’s head as he is marched into the ANTISA headquarters. Also, I will be making photos of fictional Meg and Hollis’s reunion to be used later in the story. This way, you can know that the story has a happy ending but still be dying to know what happens in the video portion.

The Arrival

The light was blinding. With the canvas yanked from his head to expose unprepared eyes, Hollis could hardly make out what was in front of him.

“Move it!” beckoned of his handlers. “We don’t have all day for you to snail your way in!” A sharp prod to Hollis’s side drove him off balance, but he regained his footing and continued walking. What was he seeing? It looked as though he were near something industrial. Traces of construction entered his vision. But wait, what was the structure they were walking toward? A tall stack protruded from the roof, and glass windows made up the perimeter of the building. Could it be a… No, the irony would be too much. But was it?

The Reunion

He did not know this day would come. The weeks of confinement before his rescue were grueling. Had the FBI taskforce not arrived the day before, the ANTISA butchers would have slain him as they did so many of the people he knew from the plant. Finally, after having already said his final prayers in the compound, the one he had prayed for most vigorously was answered. The pale freckled skin, the shimmering blonde hair, the teary bright blue eyes, and the worry-worn frantic smile of his beloved Meg poured over him as a sunrise brings light to a dark place. Body frozen with the realization that he got to see his wife again, he stood slumped and still.

“I love you,” she said quietly though tears.

“I love you too.”

For the Video Portion

Since I am using a green-screen for the video portion of my project, I needed a cool background for the ANTISA compound.

How it All Came to Be

I made a tutorial/work-along video on how to create these photos on Mac using Photoshop. The tutorial can be viewed on YouTube or via my tutorial post.

Midnight, Meg, and Meow (Tutorial)


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