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I have to admit, the DesignBlitz was not what I expected.  I thought I was going to have fifteen minutes to create fifteen different ads or something, but the Blitz was nothing like that at all.  Instead, I had to find at least five objects, ads, signs, etc. that embodied some of the graphic design concepts from the Adobe article.  Luckily, I had to go on a supply run for work Tuesday, so I snapped some photos while I was out.

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The Hunt

While design is everywhere (good, bad, or indifferent, everything man-made is designed), I found it difficult to pick out things that really screamed, “I embody x-concept!”  I realized that I needed to hunt for objects that satisfied five of the eight concepts.

#ds106 #designblitz hierarchy

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I recently received a DeWalt cordless blower for my birthday, and after looking at the box, I noted the clear points of emphasis on the packaging.  Most important is the tool itself, depicted by the large picture near the center of the box.  Next is the brand, “DeWalt,” followed by the tool series, “XR,” then the description of the tool.  This sort of design emphasized the hierarchy.

#ds106 #designblitz proximity

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In design, proximity is used in grouping items for a clean and readable final product.  Here, this power meter groups the higher-place-value dials together and above the low-value dial.  This arrangement helps make the meter more easily readable.

#ds106 #designblitz alignment

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Fleischmann’s Instant Dry Yeast has achieved packaging perfection with the alignment of the labels on the back of the package.  The labels are spaced evenly from the edges of the package and are lined up with each other vertically.  Few backsides ever looked so good.

#ds106 #designblitz contrast

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Nothing screams contrast like a big, bright, beefy, McDonald’s burger squeezing through a telephone screen.  Actually, the contrast that interested me on this poster was the yellow text “your time” and “your terms” in relation to the white writing on the rest of the line.  While yellow text is used elsewhere on the poster, in this line the highlighting of these words emphasizes that mobile ordering is all about the customer.

#ds106 #designblitz repetition

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McDonald’s hits another design homerun with this poster advertising the new Quarter Pounder Burgers, with one hundred percent fresh beef cooked when you order.  The repetition of “fresh beef” and “cooked when you order” in the first two frames primes viewers for the last frame, in which Ronald makes it known that the Quarter Pounder Burgers put the fresh in fresh.


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